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Renbrook School’s Jen Caswell wins 2017 CASE/NAIS Award

By CASE District I

caswell-photoJennifer (Jen) Caswell, who is assistant to the Head of School at the Renbrook School in West Hartford, Ct., will receive the 2017 Support Staff Distinguished Service Award during the CASE/NAIS meeting in Austin, Texas, this January.

Jen began her tenure at Renbrook soon after graduating from high school.  She is the third generation to serve Renbrook, where her mother and grandmother were both bookkeepers. Jen has held various roles at the school since beginning in 1986, including Development Office gift recorder, Manager of Development Information Resources, and since 2012, Assistant to the Head of the School. Her relationship to the school is not only as an alumna and employee, but also as a parent to alumni; her three daughters also graduated from Renbrook School.

She is described as the “heart of the school” and “epitome of legacy,” embodying the pride and loyalty of the Renbrook community. Through her service to the school, thoughtfulness and devotion is evident; she has a keen ability communicate effectively, build lasting relationships, answer questions, and provide the behind the scenes support that is most needed by the school’s faculty and staff, students, alumni, parents, and Board of Trustees.

She was nominated by Scott Hutchinson, Renbrook School Head, Linda Kapelner, Chief Financial Officer, and Anne Percy Sargent, Renbrook School Trustee, Parent of Alumni, and Alumnae.

his nomination letter, Scott wrote the follwing: “The school is in Jennifer Caswell’s blood. Through the school’s inevitable change and growth, she was there, sustaining a sense of community, telling of school’s history and legacy, offering her unwavering assistance and guidance.”

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