2019 Session Presentations

Below is a list of the 2019 CASE District I Conference presentations available for download (PDF and PPT format).

To upload your presentation, contact Ryan Bersani, rbersani@mit.edu, or Trina Watson, tr.watson@northeastern.edu.

Annual Giving Stewardship: Stewardship Components, Segmentation, Collaboration

Annual Giving Stewardship 2

Child’s Play: Entertaining Families at Reunion

Bringing Stewardship and Cultivation Together: Crafting Stewardship Plans That Build Lifelong Donors

Campaign Volunteer Structure Which One is Right

CASE’s Advancement Analytics Initiative

CASE’s Alumni Engagment Metrics Project

Changing Course in Major Gifts

Closing the Mentoring Gap

Come Together Now: University-wide Data Integration

Crafting Development Content for Events

A Quick Guide to Creating Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Inclusive Environments

Engagement Scoring Model for Regional Networks

Engaging Alumni Online – Webinars, Virtual Book Clubs and More

Gender Matters: A Practical Approach To Grow Women’s Philanthropy

Get on the Dean’s List Developing Key Relationships

How We Built This In with the Old Out with the News

Engaging International Alumnae

Is It a Tradition or Just a Bad Habit

Moving From ‘Metrics’ To ‘Portfolio Optimization’ To Maximize Fundraising!

R U Ahead of the Trend? Why Text Messaging is Every Advancement Pro’s BFFL

SEO & Social Media Reshaping Organic Marketing

Succession Management Strategies

Crowdfunding,Giving Events and the Rise of Micro-sites

True Grit Modeling Resilience in Your Capital Campaign

University Fundraising When you don’t have Alumni

Why You may Want to Consider a Telework Plan_1

Why You may Want to Consider a Telework Plan_2

What Development Can Learn from Journalism