Meet Our Speaker: Megan Spelman

Megan Spelman

William Spelman Executive Search

Megan SpelmanOn Wednesday, June 14, Megan Spelman will share her experience with CASE DI members in Connecticut, as part of a panel discussion on talent recruitment and management. CASE DI asked Megan the following questions, to give you a preview of the expertise she will share at this program.

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Q: Your CASE DI program is about finding the right person for the right job. What single piece of practical advice can you give CASE DI members about either finding the right person or being the right person?

Megan: Don’t underestimate the power of your network! Whether you are preparing for a job search or are looking for top talent, leveraging your network is vital. The current job market has become extremely competitive and networking is crucial to a successful search.

Q: Tell us why CASE DI members will not want to miss this program!

Megan: Developing and advancing our careers is an ongoing process. Feedback from others is critical in translating your experiences to your future opportunities. Our program will give you outside perspective and ideas on how to best capture your knowledge, skills and competencies. I look forward to seeing everyone there!