Meet Our Speaker: Kevin Gaw

Kevin Gaw

Executive Director
Amica Center for Career Education, Bryant University

On Thursday, April 27, Kevin Gaw will share his experience with CASE DI members at Bryant University, in a professional development and networking event. CASE DI asked Kevin the following questions, to give you a preview of the expertise she will share at this program.

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Q: Why are campus partnerships important to advancement work?

Kevin: The simple answer is, “It takes a village.” The “It” is the institution’s mission, and we are all partners in the mission. The tricky part is keeping this in sight while also supporting the missions of partnering departments, being sure to work in ways that cross lanes and do not create legal/ethical dilemmas, mistrust, and/or inequities. Open sharing about our internal and external demands and expectations, as well as our limitations, is essential. Clearly identifying our processes, lines of communication, and goals are critical. We also need to understand each other’s “currencies” and respect how these are core to our operations, and find ways to support their mutual development.

In doing all this, we co-create an environment in which internal and external relationships are cultivated and maintained that support the attainment of our institutional mission as well as our own department missions. It turns out many of us connect with different touch points of our external partners. The more robust and comprehensive the relationships, and the less transactional, the more authentic the relationships are with our institutions as a whole, and as such, the more reciprocal; we all benefit.

Q: Tell us why CASE DI members will not want to miss this program!

Kevin: Advancement professionals will learn directly from institutional partners about the promises, the challenges, and concerns with regard to partnering with others on campus. As a group, we can explore opportunities to enrich the partnerships so that all can benefit.