Annual Conference Scholarships

Development Guild DDI Conference Scholarships

Thanks to a generous sponsorship of Development Guild DDI, the 2019 CASE District I is proud to offer 10 Scholarships for the CASE District I Conference. Scholarships will be awarded to individuals who are employed by members of CASE District I and will cover the cost of a full conference registration. Pre-conference registration is not included in this scholarship.

CASE District I is committed to providing opportunities for individuals from traditionally underrepresented groups as well as individuals from member institutions with significant budgetary constraints.

Selection Process and Criteria

A committee of CASE District I volunteers selects recipients on the basis of:

  1. the candidate’s experience;
  2. the candidate’s ability to express him/herself as outlined in the personal essay; and
  3. the candidate’s statement about the resources available for professional development at his/her institution. Preference is given to people from institutions with limited resources.

Weight will be given to qualified candidates who possess characteristics that are underrepresented in the profession and who would contribute to the overall diversity of CASE District I.

Development Guild DDI Scholarship Application 2019

  • Applicant Information

  • Application Essay

  • Please explain the following in 250 words or less:
    (a) the value you will receive from attending the conference;
    (b) the value your institution will receive from your participation in the conference;
    (c) your institutional resources, if applicable (If limited resources prohibit your institution from sending you to a CASE conference, please describe the circumstances in your essay).
  • Professional Reference

  • List one professional reference from either a supervisor or a member of your school’s professional staff. A member from CASE District I will contact your professional reference for a brief telephone reference.
  • Enclose a letter of recommendation from a supervisor or a member of your school’s professional staff.