Session Speaker: Helen Downie

Change Management Lead, Concordia University, Advancement & Alumni Relations

Helen is the change management lead for Concordia University’s Advancement Services CRM implementation within Advancement Alumni Relations. She joined the team October of 2016 and has been a member of the Concordia alumni and staff community since completing her Political Science BA 11 and Human System’s Intervention MA 16. Helen also holds a Personal and Professional Coaching Certificate (PPCC).

A question that has animated most of her life has been, how can I be of help? Living out this question has shaped her path of partnering with people, groups and organizations through change, connecting them with their potential and understanding of the systems that they live in – with the goal of moving forward to new heights.

In her current role, Helen focuses on bringing different levels of project teams together, towards facilitating partnerships, ideation and problem solving. Communicating change is an important part of her mandate and is tailored to the culture, readiness, and capacity of the different parts of the organization. Leading up to the successful implementation of a new system, she aspires to collaboratively build a sustained structure for adoption and support of the change longstanding after the technical implementation.

In her spare time, you can find her in movement — on the soccer field, cycling, dancing and yoga, or in stillness, sipping tea or reading.