Conference Track: Marketing & Communications

Analytics and BI: How to Transition a Team from a Report Delivery to Team that Provides Business Insight through Data Analytics

by Matt Farbotko, Pamela Burghardt, Patricia Bray

Analytics and BI: How to transition a team from a report delivery to team that provides business insight…

Cultivating Donors by Providing Networking as an Alumni Benefit

by Michael Polebaum, Mara Zepeda

Studies show that alumni want their alma maters to facilitate more career networking and provide more career support…

From Obstacle to Advantage: Overcoming Hurdles to Execute a Successful Campaign

by Tina Yoon, Veronica Jorge-Curtis

Imagine running a campaign under these circumstances: your beloved Head of School announces his retirement after 25 years,…

Herding Cats: The Art of Prospect Management

by Keith Michel, Ruthie Giles

Herding Cats: The Art of Prospect Management

Learning the Art of Story Telling

by Michelle Davis, Lauren Taaffe

A multidisciplinary group of 10 college staff (post graduate planning, president’s office, senior capstone organizers, admission, and marketing…

Managing the Human Response to Change: Implementing Advancement Systems

by Helen Downie, Gilbert Tordjman

Managing the human response to change: implementing advancement systems

Senior Parent Gift Campaigns – Leaving a Legacy

by Geoff Harlan, Hellie Swartwood

By leveraging the remarkable impact your institution has had on your senior students to the senior parents, and…

Small School, Big Analytics: Data Science for Direct Marketing

by Nicole Sibley, Casey Accardi

Small School, Big Analytics: Data Science for Direct Marketing

Tackling Freshmen Parents from a Data and Research Perspective

by Lisette Clem, Nicole Melmed

Tackling Freshmen Parents from a Data and Research Perspective

The Magic of the Mundane: How Data Science can be Applied to College Fundraising and the Bottom Line.

by Theresa J. Lee, Jason Webster, Lisa A. Corvese, Israel Kloss

The Magic of the Mundane: How Data Science can be applied to College Fundraising and the bottom line.

The Three Tenets of Major Gifts Fundraising with Current Parents

by Meret Nahas, Mitchell Linker

In this honest, story-driven session, attendees will learn how to seize the opportunities and anticipate the perils of…

Two to Tango: The Case for Print and Digital Together

by Sarah Mead, Joshua Aromin

The stories of our schools are created by our communities of faculty, staff and students. But what’s the…

When Teams Collide: Collaboration Domination

by Vivien Mallick, Neil Evans

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Sure, but who is on your team and what work are you…

Blueprint: Building Your Career with Purpose

by Jill Soucy, Gloria Gruber, Greg Duyck

The good news: when it comes to advancing your career in higher education, it’s a seller’s market. If…

Central and Decentralized Collaboration – Models of Success

by Debbie Dankoff, Paul Chesser

Creating healthy and collaborative working environments leads to increased productivity. This session provides practical, evidence-based ways to engage…

Hiring, Developing and Retaining a High-Performing Fundraising Team: Getting It Right from Day One

by James Kenny, Greta Morgan, Erin Martinovich, Mark Jones

Formal research and anecdotal evidence suggest that no factor influences long-term fundraising success more than a stable, motivated,…

More Than A Feeling: Metrics to Turn Regional Intuition Into A Strategic Plan

by Marisa Shariatdoust, Anjali Wali, Effie Parpos Marthinsen

Team intuition and a deep knowledge of your institution’s alumni population are often the key drivers of Alumni…

Priming the Leadership Pipeline

Significant components of growing into an industry leader lie outside the duties detailed in your job description, including…

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

by Lindsay Roth, Hillary Babick, Kellen Epstein, Dana Grider, MS

No, this session isn’t focused on a chart topper of the 80’s, but rather, addresses the (sometimes) kerfuffle…

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

by Lindsay Roth, Dana Grider, MS

No, this session isn’t focused on a chart topper of the 80’s, but rather, addresses the (sometimes) kerfuffle…

Strategic Talent Management — Past, Present, and Future

by David A. Woodruff, Tahsin I. Alam

Strategic Talent Management is a critical organizational function recognized in many of today’s progressive advancement offices. In the…

The Trick is to Pay Attention: Using Data to Move the Needle on Engagement

by Mirko Widenhorn, Kirsten Lundeen

Whether you’re new to data-driven decision-making or have experience in it, this session will provide you with examples…

Transforming a Program: Remaking Alumni Education

by Sarah Speltz, Susan Richardson

Universities have so much content to offer alumni through educational programs and events, but what is the best…

Two Heads Are Better Than One: A Strategic Young Alumni Engagement & Development Collaboration

by Katie Tripp, Laura Butkus

Peanut butter and jelly, Bert and Ernie, ALUMNI RELATIONS and DEVELOPMENT. It is obvious that Alumni Relations and…

Understanding Yourself as a Leader

Before you can lead others, you need to know yourself and your leadership style. We will explore your…

1:1 Text Messaging: Your New Favorite Solicitation Channel?

by Casey Accardi, Jean Pembleton

Open rates and contact rates for email and direct mail continue to drop. Phone calls go ignored. But…

Alumni Spoke and We Listened.

by Kavitha Bindra, Rob Shoss

Discover how the Yale School of Management (SOM) is turning data about their alumni’s interests into insights and…

Announcing the Dream: A Case Study and Best Practices for Gift Announcements and Stewardship

by Jonathan Goldstein, Ed Sevilla

When is a gift announcement more than a simple press release? How can you leverage the announcement itself…

Changing Traditions: How Amherst College changed its mascot and involved the wider College community in making a mammoth decision.

by Carly Nartowicz, Amanda Rivera Lopez

In January 2016 the Amherst College Board of Trustees announced that the College would no longer use its…

Communicating with Volunteers so They Feel Like Insiders

by Colleen DelVecchio, Amy Moscaritolo

Do you make an effort to communicate with your alumni volunteers in a strategic and systematic way? Learn…

Engaging Alumni of Color in the 21st Century and Beyond

by Sharifa T. Wright, Veronica McFall

In recent years, Williams and Colgate have made significant and necessary efforts to attract, enroll, and graduate increasingly…

Evolve your Styleguide to Express your Brand

by Hillary Babick, Julia Frenkle

Do you find yourself limited or confined by your institution’s styleguide when you produce collateral and design work…

How to Write a Book and Use it to Promote Your University

by John McElhenny, Christopher Joyce

You’ve done the op-eds and social media. Does writing a book make sense to raise the visibility of…

Launching a Rebranding Effort

by Key Nuttall, Deborah (Deb) Katz

When’s the last time you took a good hard look at your school’s brand? Are perception and reality…

Meet the (Education) Media

by Kirk Carapezza, Fred Thys

Conference participants will have the opportunity to hear directly from key reporters covering education for major print, online…

Philanthropy from Entrepreneurs: Engagement, Philanthropy & the Critical Path to Launch

by Dee Dee Mendoza, Robert Wicks

Entrepreneurship is key priority for many of our institutions, with many schools and universities fielding pitch competitions, opening…

Proven results: How to tie your marketing initiatives to measurements across your institution

by Jessica Stutt, Sarah Martell

In the busy world of higher ed marketing, it can be challenging to take a step back and…

Storytelling for Annual Giving: Using Rich Content to Make the Case

by Stephanie Quinn, Phil DiMartino

Your constituents are more inundated with high quality content in their daily lives than ever before. In order…

The Art of Digital Proposals: Bring Your Fundraising Cases to Life

by Noelle Shough, David Manning

Today’s donors are savvy, innovative, and dynamic—and the fundraising proposals we submit to them should be the same….

The Making of Maji

by Milton Guillen, Gerry Boyle

Maji, a Colby College Magazine film production, is a beautiful piece of storytelling. It has been enthusiastically received…

The Year of Living Dangerously: A Case Study in Podcast Launching

by Daniel Morrell

Dan will provide an overview of Skydeck, its origins, and key takeaways over the course of its first…

Transforming Parent Engagement at Tufts University

by Gina A. DeSalvo, Craig O’Donnell

Parents are a vital donor constituency for colleges and universities that are often overlooked. In this presentation we…

Aligning your strategic planning priorities and campaign fundraising initiatives

by Clay Ballantine, Jeffrey Wolfman

Strategic planning is an important part of setting vision, direction, and priorities for the future. A good strategic…

Annual Funds: One Institution 4 Very Different Funds

by Sylvia Racca, Cornelia Purcell, Brenda Beard

Panel of Annual Fund Managers: Dartmouth College Fund ($50M fund), Tuck Annual Giving (Business School), Thayer Annual Fund,…

Eat, Pray, Give: An Exploration of Generosity

by Lynne Wester, Mary Solomons

The Dalai Lama said “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” The donor guru lives by…

Never Rest on Your Laurels: How UMass Amherst Took Their Successful Major Gifts Program and Completely Redesigned It

by Rika Clement, Christopher Crooker

Ever-escalating aspirations of our academic leadership puts continual pressure on development to raise more money, often in the…

Parents Leadership Giving: Build a Program to Significantly Increase your College’s Annual Fund

by James Kenny, Jean McCutcheon

Parents are more involved than ever in the lives of their children right up through high school graduation…

Prospect Cultivation

by Todd Krohne, Anne Melvin

The session is designed to cover the basics of prospect cultivation and moves management that speaks to the…

Providence College Giving Day Blue Print

by Sarah Osowa, Troy Ritchie

On March 28, 2017, Providence College conducted their first Giving Day, Friars Give. Their goal was to engage…

Reactive vs Proactive: Where Does Your Communications Strategy Stack Up?

by Carole McFall, Julie Jette, Sandy Lish

With the current political environment and a 24/7 news cycle, higher ed institutions need to be tuned in…

Small Shop, Big Results: Making the Most of Your Limited Resources

by Meghan Hallock, Eric Gustafson

Small shops unite! Are you being asked to produce consistently higher results, without a corresponding increase in staff…

Spring Back to Campus: Unique Campus Events for Top Prospects

by Allison Gomes, Ashley Keedy

Donor and prospect events played a key role in Smith College’s record-breaking $486 million Women for the World…

Student Philanthropy: Igniting the Millennial Pipeline

by Lauren Grabowski, Rachel Marshall

UConn’s Ignite competition was developed to drive student philanthropy and young alumni engagement. Join us to learn how…

Surprise and Delight

by Maureen Donnelly, Lynne Wester

Your acknowledgement letters bring tears to your donors’ eyes, your impact reports make them swell with pride, and…

The Lean Mean Campaign Machine: Executing a Comprehensive Campaign of $250-750 Million

by Mark Dorgan, Lewis Fisher, Dexter Bailey

The challenge is daunting: planning, launching, and executing the largest campaign in your institution’s history, often without the…

The Planned Giving Study: New Insights from Data on Planned Gifts

by Claudine A. Donikian

This session presents findings and recommendations from “The Planned Giving Study,” a multiphase research study commissioned by Ms….

Where Are We Now? The Ups and Downs of 21st Century Digital Giving and Engagement

by Laura Christian, Kestrel Linder

Giving days. Crowdfunding. Peer-to-peer fundraising… Words that were foreign to most of us five years ago are now…

Everyone Can and Should Be a Philanthropist

by Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole

Higher Education and Independent School professionals in advancement, communications and marketing acknowledge the critical importance of philanthropy in…