Conference Track: Marketing & Communications

Launching a New President: Brand Building and Fund Raising 101

by Carolyn Behan Kraus, Andrea Kovacs, Clay Ballantine, Jeffrey Wolfman

Following the retirement of its long-serving president, Albertus Magnus College turned its “once in a lifetime” opportunity to…

The Personalization Mandate: How Alumni Communications are Going from Blast to Unique

by Betsy Doherty, Nick Zeckets

It’s getting harder every year to get through to alumni email inboxes – nevertheless earn opens, clicks and…

Crafting Development Content for Events

by Julia Serazio, Meg Umlas

More and more institutions are using high-level events, such as gala dinners, to celebrate leadership donors. Coming up…

SEO & Social Media: Reshaping Organic Marketing

by Erika Fields, Rebecca Hofstetter

When it comes to organically marketing your institution online, SEO and social media go together like peanut butter…

Targeted Social Media Ads to Drive Maximized Alumni Participation

by Annika Jensen

An organic Facebook post published on your business page will only be seen by 2% of your followers….

What Development Can Learn from Journalism: How to find, report and share compelling stories as part of your fundraising strategy

by Beth Flynn, Michelle Morrissey

Storytelling is the latest buzzword in fundraising, development and donor engagement in the higher education/non-profit world. But journalists…

How to build a brand that promotes the parts and advances the whole

by Lyn Chamberlin, Roger Sametz

In an increasingly competitive academic environment, having a wide range of offerings can make telling your story—and engaging…

Video Storytelling: Demystifying the Process & Maximizing Return

by Dorit Rabbani, Kristin Sukraw, Mike Sukraw

The world of video storytelling can be a bit overwhelming and oftentimes organizations wonder where to start. At…

Sustaining Year-Long Planning for Annual Giving

by Phil Dimartino, Stephanie Quinn

In Annual Giving, each new fiscal year brings with it a completely blank slate for your Marketing &…

From Skeptics to Advocates: Overcoming the stigma of marketing for fundraising

by Nicole Antil, David Hoffman

With an average human attention span barely exceeding 8 seconds and an increasingly competitive landscape, fundraising professionals today…