Conference Session: Two to Tango: The Case for Print and Digital Together

The stories of our schools are created by our communities of faculty, staff and students. But what’s the most effective way of telling those stories? Of course, our worlds have been abuzz with words like SEO, marketing automation, page views, bounce rate, and calls to action—and rightfully so. Those are all important. However, while we all realize the importance of digital media, that’s not to say we need to completely leave print in the dust. During this session, we will go through a case study that featured print and digital collateral in support of each other. Within those channels we brought to life the learning journeys of four students who have been at Whitby School from preschool through Grade 8, telling their specific experiences, relationships with teachers, and biggest takeaways from their time at school. These stories were featured in direct mail, print advertising, e-blasts, webpage, social media promotion, video, and ultimately led to an increase in inquiries and applications.