Conference Session: Two Heads Are Better Than One: A Strategic Young Alumni Engagement & Development Collaboration

Peanut butter and jelly, Bert and Ernie, ALUMNI RELATIONS and DEVELOPMENT. There’s an obvious correlation between Alumni Relations and Development teams; so why can it be so challenging to collaborate? At Harvard Business School, we have crafted a strategic partnership between these teams to promote a breadth and depth of engagement with our most recent alumni.

Through fostering meaningful collaboration in annual and reunion years, our young alumni engagement and development efforts have yielded remarkable results! From preparing student to enter the Alumni Network, to the growth of the One-Year Reunion and the increase in 5th Reunion leadership gifts, our partnership has successfully increased both program participation and dollars raised from our young alumni cohort.

How do we do it? Come discuss the benefits (expected and unforeseen), challenges, barriers and practical applications of implementing cross team partnerships.