Conference Session: The Magic of the Mundane: How Data Science can be Applied to College Fundraising and the Bottom Line.

Data science is not only cool but Analytics is now in a hype cycle where its impact on Advancement Services increases our productivity and return on investment in the donor engagement process. It finally helps us to achieve real progress in moves management so our fundraisers can spend less time identifying and qualifying donors and more effort on timely conversation. According to a 2016 study called “Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP)” by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), universities & colleges lose $4.2Billion annually. By borrowing website technology from online retailers, the awareness of online abandonment and the ability to act upon it can help development teams recover lost donations at a rate of 30-40%. This presentation tells the story of best practices to use data science tools to recover approximately 30% of lost donation capacity by contacting donors who abandoned the online giving process. It will show you how to take the mundane mission of increasing revenue and reducing costs and highlight where and how data science is impacting Advancement Services performance in sometimes ‘-magical’ ways.