Conference Session: Managing the Human Responses to Change: Case Studies in Implementing Advancement Systems

This session will highlight how people deal with change—focusing on project case studies: implementing a new advancement information systems. The presenters will unpack the people side of technical projects and share back how these initiatives became catalysts for organizational change within the advancement shops as a whole.

While change can be understood at times as emergent or planned, change is becoming more of an ongoing reality in organizations. Advancement shops are often known to be trailblazers for institutions and known for a hub for change as they strive for best practices and adapt to trends in alumni engagement. At the same time, as found in all systems, change can also be experienced as slow, sticky or stubborn.

Responding to these realities, this session will share back how we can design change processes to help people transition from A to B meaningfully and effectively. Through two case studies, strategies to best respond to the needs and culture of the organization, dynamics amongst the different project teams, end-user learning styles, as well as work in tandem with the structure of project management will be highlighted.

Participants from different shops and roles will be invited to engage in making meaning of the case studies and leave with takeaways for their own roles and work in advancement.