Conference Session: Evolve your Styleguide to Express your Brand

Session Details

Do you find yourself limited or confined by your institution’s styleguide when you produce collateral and design work to communicate with your audiences?
Following your styleguide is important to build a cohesive look and feel and to develop brand equity, but with an overly restrictive adherence to identity standards, solutions can become repetitive, force alignment across very different stakeholders, and create boredom for audiences.

When is it time to reevaluate your brand’s styleguide and consider evolving it, make modifications, or rebrand? Review real-world examples in this session to help you determine if evolving your styleguide will help build, evolve, and strengthen your brand.
We will challenge the importance of consistency versus vibrancy, identity versus essence, and how each should be considered in capturing the spirit of your university or institution. We will also share advice of how to start the conversation with institutional stakeholders about updating or evolving your styleguide.