Conference Session: Engaging Alumni of Color in the 21st Century and Beyond

In recent years, Williams and Colgate have made significant and necessary efforts to attract, enroll, and graduate increasingly diverse classes. Consequently the racial makeup of our alumni bodies is changing and advancement professionals are seeking ways to engage with alumni of color who, due to challenging experiences, often do not have the strongest sense of belonging to their alma mater.

Acknowledging the experiences of alumni of color; understanding the impact of institutionalized white privilege in higher education and reconciling our past are key steps towards rethinking and redesigning traditional engagement and fundraising models in the 21st century and beyond. Each college is uniquely addressing engagement deficits by developing and deploying strategies that prioritize racial awareness and inclusion in their work with alumni. These efforts are crucial to the sustainability and longevity of the institutional missions of Williams, Colgate and similar institutions.

All levels of Alumni Relations and Advancement professionals, specifically, senior directors and vice presidents, who are responsible for leading diversity and inclusion efforts, are encouraged to participate.