Conference Session: Cultivating Donors by Providing Networking as an Alumni Benefit

Session Details

Studies show that alumni want their alma maters to facilitate more career networking and provide more career support than they are now. These studies also reveal that the delivery of alumni services directly impacts alumni willingness to give.

Acting on these insights, Noble and Greenough School launched an alumni networking platform to provide career networking support to their alumni as a means of cultivating them as future. In this presentation, Nobles’ Assistant Director of Graduate Programming, Michael Polebaum, and Switchboard CEO Mara Zepeda will explain why and how Nobles launched the platform in February 2017 and the results it’s driving so far.

Switchboard is a networking platform that connects students and alumni with each other and their alma mater. Schools like Williams, MIT, and Nobles use Switchboard to help their constituents ask for and offer career advice, job opportunities, and whatever else they need. Switchboard allows Nobles students and alumni to connect with each other directly without having to go through Nobles’ two graduate programming staff, but allows Nobles to “own” those connections and gather data on them.