Conference Session: Blueprint: Building Your Career with Purpose

The good news: when it comes to advancing your career in higher education, it’s a seller’s market. If you are able to meet your goals, you will have great professional opportunities at your current institution and others.

The bad news: many professionals get in their own way when charting their careers and presenting their accomplishments. By taking the right approach, you can achieve your aspirations and communicate your successes in a compelling way.

In this session, leading talent management professionals and an executive recruiter will outline what they look for in stand-out candidates. They’ll also engage audience members in a discussion about how they can best position themselves for success in their careers.

The panel will cover three topics:
· What you need to do in your current job to ensure your future success
· How to use the basic tools of the job and the job search to further your career
· Which social media and other channels and what content are most helpful in promoting you as a professional