Conference Session: Announcing the Dream: A Case Study and Best Practices for Gift Announcements and Stewardship

When is a gift announcement more than a simple press release? How can you leverage the announcement itself into a high-visibility event that provides great stewardship for a major donor and conveys key messages to donors and alumni about institutional priorities, and giving?

Jonathan Goldstein of Dartmouth College will take you through a case study of the naming gift announcement and public launch event of the Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society, which put Dartmouth’s fundraising and academic priorities front and center for the institution and for the donor community. Ed Sevilla of GG+A will talk about best practices for gift announcements and stewardship that have emerged from the firm’s work with colleges and universities on capital campaigns, including many at the $1 B level and higher. Learn about how to think strategically about a gift announcement and all the elements required for a successful announcement and event that stewards the donor and communicates the importance of exemplary giving to the donor and alumni audience. You’ll never think about a gift announcement the same way again!