Conference Session: Aligning your Strategic Planning Priorities and Campaign Fundraising Initiatives

Strategic planning is an important part of setting vision, direction, and priorities for the future. A good strategic plan offers a road-map and narrative for what will be accomplished to strengthen your institution. Ultimately, a strategic plan will be deemed a success when reflecting back several years later on what was accomplished. Some strategic plan priorities take institutional will power and prioritization, and in some cases additional financial resources are required. All eyes turn to the development office to make strategic planning dreams a reality, but do the strategic planning initiatives align with your donors’ interests? Are they realistic? Do your dreams exceed your capacity? How can you prioritize what is most important? In this session you’ll learn how Hampshire College led a broad based community driven strategic plan that resulted in 42 initiatives where a fundraising campaign was critical to their success. These initiatives were not prioritized and totaled hundreds of millions beyond the institution’s fundraising capacity. Learn how Hampshire College worked with campus leadership to set realistic expectations and to prioritize what was most important for success.