Women’s Leadership

2019 Women’s Leadership

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At over 2/3 of the international membership of CASE, women are a majority of the advancement field, making international conversations around the gender pay gap, parental leave policies, and the path to executive leadership especially important to the future of the profession. This session will create space for broad conversations around these issues, as well as targeted plans for career advancement for women-identified people at your institution.

All levels of Alumni Relations and Advancement professionals, specifically, senior directors and vice presidents who are responsible for ensuring gender equity at your institutions, are encouraged to participate.

Women’s Leadership Sessions

The Power of Cultivating Culture and Mentorship

Four former colleagues share the importance and impact of positive mentoring relationships in a challenging environment. Understanding the influence of professional development, the team shares how they have continued the legacy of mentorship, and the key traits they believe are required for success, as they each have advanced to new positions across the country. The session concludes with an analysis of how this positive and supportive environment resulted in real change, which equates to stronger and more successful alumni relations and development programs.

How to Pass the Gender Barrier and Negotiate a Raise

Asking for a raise can be a fearful process for anyone, but studies show that negotiations are particularly difficult for women as they are often perceived and treated differently than men in negotiation.

Learn how to identify and overcome the myths we tell ourselves as women in the workforce and discover the answers to questions like “When’s the best time to ask for a raise? How can I narrow the gap in gender pay? How can I negotiate the benefits and salary that I deserve?” The women on this panel are eager to inspire you to move past the gender barrier to negotiate a raise that you deserve.

Strategies for Advancing Women into Senior and Executive Leadership Roles

As an international conversation takes place around gender equity, the lack of gender diversity in nonprofit leadership has come to light. About 73% of all nonprofit employees are women-identified people, only 45% of nonprofit CEO roles are held by women, and less than 14% of board members are women of color. Traditional mentoring, and leadership education programs are important but are not necessarily sufficient pathways toward developing women into leadership roles.

Join a panel of your peers to explore the complex issues around the gender pay gap, parental leave policies, work-life balance, and gender discrimination. Learn how you as an individual, your colleagues and institution can develop strategies for inclusion; mentorship and sponsorship to retain talent and support women in advancing their careers.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn negotiation skills critical to career success.
  • A better understanding of systemic barriers to women’s achievement, and powerful strategies for change.
  • Build a network with other women leaders.

Not sure if the Women’s Leadership  pre-conference track is the right fit for you? Check out the conference’s New to Educational Advancement and Diversity and Inclusion pre-conference tracks.

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