Diversity and Inclusion

2019 Diversity and Inclusion

Sponsored by Aspen Leadership Group

Acknowledging the experiences of alumni from marginalized populations, understanding the impact of institutionalized white privilege in higher education, and reconciling our own biases are key steps towards rethinking and redesigning traditional engagement and fundraising models in the 21st century and beyond.

In this self-reflective workshop, attendees will work with their own institutional data relating to diversity and inclusion at their workplace and discuss how to tangibly strengthen and engage with marginalized alumni. This workshop will end with all attendees completing a Diversity and Inclusion action plan to help them integrate D&I initiatives in their own workplaces. Together, we will hold candid and open conversations about diversity challenges in our respective institutions and brainstorm possible solutions.

Advancement professionals at all levels are encouraged to participate, including senior directors and vice presidents who are responsible for leading diversity and inclusion efforts.

Before the pre-conference, attendees will be encouraged to gather institutional data relating to diversity and inclusion at their workplace, in order to better inform the conversation and their goals for the future. This data might include such things as:

  • Institutional or departmental diversity statement(s) and or goals.
  • Demographic information about their institution of students, alumni, staff, and faculty.
  • Organizational charts from institutional advancement departments in an effort to understand and see how diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and engagement of marginalized alumni are being highlighted and addressed.

Diversity and Inclusion Sessions

Session 1: Demographic trends that will inform your plan of action to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion at your institution.

In this session, attendees will discuss an overview of demographic trends that inform why diversity and inclusion efforts will have an impact on higher education and the advancement field in particular. Focusing on domestic census data, and your own institutional demographic data, we will begin to examine and discuss the need to engage with diverse alumni using quantitative means. Please prepare to share your institutional data, gathered before the session.

Session 2: Lunch and learn: Diversity, equity, and inclusion from Multiple Perspectives.

Over lunch, attendees will spend time at their tables in discussion and reflection about diversity and inclusion goals at their own institutions. What works? What doesn’t? What is your institution not doing enough of to prioritize diversity and inclusion for students and alumni? What could your organization be doing better?

Session 3: Guest Speaker TBD

Following lunch, an afternoon speaker will do a deep dive into diversity issues that exist in development work and this industry in general.

Session 4: Develop your action plan to strengthen diversity, equity and inclusion efforts at your institution.

At the final session of the day, attendees will work in small groups to develop a tangible action plan for integrating diversity and inclusion initiatives into their fiscal year plans and goals.

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate their organization’s diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • Open difficult conversations about how to better include and serve already marginalized populations at their institution.
  • Return with a diversity and inclusion action plan custom-tailored for their own department/ organization/ institution.

Not sure if the  Diversity and Inclusion pre-conference track is the right fit for you? Check out the conference’s New to Educational Advancement and Women’s Leadership pre-conference tracks.

The Diversity and Inclusion pre-conference track is available to conference attendees at one low registration fee.

Questions? For more information about these special programs, please contact Ryan T. Bersani and Trina Watson, Program Co-Chairs, at conferenceprograms@caseone.org.

Note: Members interested in attending the Diversity and Inclusion pre-conference track must register for the full conference; it is not possible to register just for the pre-conference independently.