Mentor Program

Seasoned Professionals

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Calling all seasoned Advancement professionals. Help a new comer to our field by becoming a CASE mentor. Share knowledge around culture, your work, career path and experience, as well as make introductions to colleagues.

A mentor’s responsibilities include:

  • Making time to connect with mentee prior to the conference
  • Sharing credentials and experience via phone or personal visit to establish foundation for relationship
  • Reviewing CV of mentee if requested
  • Inquiring about mentee’s reasons for interest in program and industry
  • Finding time to meet at the conference in order to move the relationship forward

Register as a Mentor


If you are new to Advancement and are looking for experienced successful colleagues to help with your introduction to the field, then the CASE Mentor Program is for you. By becoming a CASE mentee, you’ll receive a unique opportunity to meet new people at the conference and in the industry.

A mentee’s responsibilities include:

Taking time to connect with mentor prior to the conference

  • Reviewing mentor’s credentials and share own
  • Inquiring about mentor’s professional preparation and pathway to the profession
  • Articulating needs around professional development and career path to mentor
  • Finding time to meet at the conference in order to move the relationship forward

Register as a Mentee

Following registration and enrollment in the program you will receive communication about your mentor/mentee. We ask that you connect and share credentials PRIOR TO your arrival at the CASE conference in order to break the ice and make that first face to face more comfortable.

Mentors and mentees will be matched according to personal preferences, and also according to job function, time in the industry, institution type, and desired area of sharing/learning.

Time commitment is minimal, and the experience is what you make it!

Register to become either a mentor or a mentee today.

Please take a moment to meet and welcome new professionals to the industry, share experience and knowledge, and establish a connection by SIGNING UP FOR THE MENTOR PROGRAM TODAY!