Session Proposal Guidelines

These guidelines will assist you with communicating your proposal to the selection committee. You will be required to identify the session format and audience level in your submission.


Educational Presentation
The presenters have significant skills and experience in the subject matter and will share their knowledge in a formal presentation. The goal is to inform, challenge, and inspire participants. Two or more speakers are required.

A panel of experts in the subject matter are guided through a topical presentation by a moderator. Each member of the panel brings an insightful angle on the topic by describing his or her personal or institutional experience. The goal is for participants to extrapolate information from situations that may be relevant to their own shop. Three speakers are required.

Case Study
The presenters provide an in-depth description of a specific experience that yielded success. The planning process, methods, and outcomes are shared. The goal is for participants to extrapolate information from situations that may be relevant to their own shop.

Facilitated Group Discussion
Led by experienced and dynamic speakers, all participants are invited to share ideas and explore content areas through breakout groups. Groups then share findings or ideas with all participants. Audience participation is the primary focus of the session. Facilitators are asked to tailor their presentation in a way that is applicable to advancement shops of all sizes. Two or more speakers are required.

Breakfast Roundtables
A knowledgeable and experienced content expert explores a specific topic with participants over breakfast in a small-group setting. The conversation is shaped by the experience and interests of participants. This is a good opportunity to discuss trends and innovations in the industry. Presenters should prepare an introduction to set the scene and probing questions to guide the discussion.


New professional
Sessions provide introductory information to those who are looking to gain new skills or build on some basic skills in the content area.

Mid-level manager
Sessions are for those who would like to gain deeper insight into the strategic thinking behind trending activities within the industry, thus enhancing their emerging skill set.

Senior manager
Intended for those with over 10 years of experience in the field, these sessions will explore the multi-layered implications of key decisions and the impact on the outcomes.


Participants in the CASE DI Conference are from a variety of educational institutions. Please make certain that you take the diversity of our membership into account as you devise your proposal, and ultimately prepare your presentation.