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CASE District One supports OneCASE

By CASE District I

The CASE District One Board of Directors is pleased to announce that at a meeting held on October 12, 2018, it voted unanimously to support the OneCASE Volunteer Leadership Structure Version 2.0 Design (“Design Plan”). The Design Plan is the result of a year of strategic and operational planning and includes the input from more than 2,500 CASE Members. The Design Plan outlines a significantly expanded vision for CASE, in which CASE has a bigger voice in the world, builds toward a new level of far-reaching member services, and offers all members–regardless of their institution’s type, location or size–the opportunity to see the value of being part of a cohesive, inclusive organization.

Before the Design Plan’s approval by the District One Board, the 20-member Global Governance Steering Committee also voted unanimously to recommend adoption of this final design to all CASE Boards. The District One Board hopes that this final design will be formally approved by the CASE Board of Trustees at their November 2018 meeting, with a goal of having it fully operational by July 2020.

If the Trustees approve the Design Plan and place the changes to the CASE Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws before the membership of CASE for the necessary membership vote, the District One Board will take all required steps, which will include dissolution of the legal entity that is the District, to transition to the governance structure presented in the Design Plan.

If approved by the Board of Trustees in November, all CASE members will begin to see and hear details of the Design Plan and how the new governance structure will allow CASE to expand and serve its community in a global environment.

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