Month: March 2019

Rethinking the Campaign Kickoff

By Mark Terranova, August Jackson

Live experiences are one of the most powerful ways for institutions to bond with their most important communities. For campaigns in higher education, no single event or series of events sets the tone more than the campaign kickoff. That’s why a well-conceived and well-produced campaign kickoff can serve several goals…

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Higher Education Case Study – Harvard Business Publishing

By Ryan Collins, Universal Wilde

Harvard Business Publishing was using an internal, manual process to fulfill educational materials which was time-consuming, slow and costly due to unused inventory…

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Brand Development: Five Valuable Reasons

By Levon Kurkjian, OPUS Design

Early in my career, every time I brought up the idea of brand development, I was greeted with one of three general reactions. The reaction I loved the most because of the instant affirmation, “Awesome, I can’t wait. We need this so much…”

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